Room & Packages

Room & Packages


A comfortable and pleasant atmosphere where mommies feel refreshed and rejuvenated. As creating a positive environment is an important part of our service, this package is well-equipped to provide the standard needs for mommies and newborns.


A hotel-inspired confinement suite that boast a striking decor and quality amenities that add warmth to welcome our cherished mommies. To make your stay unforgettable, the serene and tranquil atmosphere enables mommies to enjoy the much needed rest to recuperate and rejuvenate.


It is the little things that make a difference. All suites are spacious and elegantly furnished in every sense of the word. Paired with quality amenities, this package offer a great value, space and extra comfort. Amid a relaxed atmosphere, an important factor, new mommies will be able to have a memorable and unforgettable rejuvenation experience.


A luxurious and spacious suite overlooking the city panoramic view. Our contemporary suite is designed to cultivate calm and serenity while brimming with luxury. The suite is equipped with 5-star hotel amenities providing ultimate comfort. This package enable daddies to share special bonding time with their newborns and both parents benefit greatly when they can support and encourage one another in a luxurious rejuvenating wellness environment.