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Many people spend their whole life planning for their wealth but not their health. It’s our hope that people can understand the true value of their life and health in ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub.

We invite you to visit us for a unique ZÉLL-V Wellness experience.

Event Hall (Lobby Level)

Stylish, modern and fully equipped. Ideal for seminars, forums, talks, product launches, etc.

Ketuhar Malaysian Cuisine (Level 1)

A great place to enjoy authentic and scrumptious Malaysian food with your friends and family.

Kimporo Child Care Centre (Level 2)

A great place where your child shall receive personalised attention and learning, giving you peace of mind as you focus on your work and activities

V Wellness Holistic Healthcare Centre
(Level 4)

Are you truly healthy? Do you feel energetic every day? Sub-health is defined as a borderline state between being healthy and falling sick. Left unattended, the sub-health state gradually weakens the body’s immune system, putting one’s health and life at risk. V Wellness helps you to regain optimum health and vitality through 4 steps – Assessment, Detoxification, Boosting and Rejuvenation.

V-Style Hair Salon (Level 5)

Professional Hair Styling & Scalp Care Centre. A healthy scalp is the key to beautiful hair. Do you have itchy scalp or hair loss problems? Let us help you solve your problems and regain healthy, radiant hair.

Kimporo Postnatal Rejuvenation
(Level 6, 7 & 8)

Comprehensive Care for Mommy & Baby. Specialised pre and postnatal care centre. Our team of trained breastfeeding and confinement specialists, nurses are ready to assist in the care of the newborn and the complete rejuvenation of the new mother, in a luxurious and safe environment.

The OM Spa Wellness and Beauty Retreat
(Level 9)

5-Star Luxury Spa & Massage Centre. Uses natural ingredients that are highly moisturising and high in antioxidants, as well as unique massage techniques and therapies to remove your stress and fatigue, giving you complete relaxation and body and mind balance.

ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy Service Centre
(Level 11)

Quality products and treatments from ZÉLL-V. Helps you achieve a healthy life through 3 steps: Detection, Education and Solution.

Sky Loft (Level 12)

Offers 360 degrees view of KL city. An ideal place for birthday parties, full moon celebrations, weddings, gatherings and corporate events.