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Experience the Best After-Birth Care at a Confinement Center

Are you a new mother looking for the best after-birth care confinement centre in Malaysia? Consider our postpartum care centre, Kimporo, a one-stop postpartum rejuvenation centre with a team of professionals consisting of doctors, nurses and nutritionists to provide mommy and baby with the most comprehensive and evidence-based care during the confinement period.

Since our establishment, we have cared for more than 1,000 mothers and babies, providing them with evidence-based confinement services, such as nutritional meals, infant brain development and postpartum rejuvenation. Rest assured that you and your precious one will receive the best care possible at our confinement centre in KL, Malaysia.

We are honoured to have hosted numerous celebrities, athletes and business personalities. The holistic care that we provide enables mothers to regain their pre-pregnancy strength and shape in no time. Furthermore, you will experience a whole new you after delivery and give your newborn a head start.

Our centre provides a nurturing environment for both mother and baby, with round-the-clock care from experienced nurses and caregivers specialising in postpartum recovery. From breastfeeding support to healthy meal plans and tailored exercises, you’ll receive everything you need to recover and regain strength and energy fully. So why wait? Start your journey to a full postpartum recovery today by choosing a top-rated postpartum care centre. Contact us for more information about our confinement care service now.

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Meet The Pro-Team

We offer specialised care, having a team of trained breastfeeding and confinement specialists and nurses to assist in the care of the newborn and the complete rejuvenation of the new mommy, in a luxurious and safe environment.