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“护士团队对待每个宝宝都是满满耐心, 很放心让宝宝给他们照顾,妈妈就可以有更多时间专注自己好好休养。 而护士长的专业和鼓励在这段时期也给于了很大的精神支柱, 灌输很多知识之余, 也会每天关心妈妈的状态。度过了很棒28天。”

Vke Yap
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“在Kimporo的这28天里除了住的舒服以外,也学到了很多关于照顾宝宝的知识。这里的护士团队也很敬业,每天都会检查宝宝的状况。如果需要去医院复诊,护士也会事先准备好需要的文件和尿片等等。特别感谢护士长Ms Lim,除了每天update宝宝的情况以外还会不时关心妈妈的伤口,也会利用她专业的知识来回答我的疑虑。”

Joelle JC
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“I love the food from Ketuhar which is yummy & big portion, specially love the fish & enjoyed the tasty soup and dessert. We were also given fruits & milk booster drink twice a day & lactation cookies weekly. Add on point is Kimporo provide a thoughtful way of serving lunch & dinner with candlelight to warm up the food.”

Tenh Wei-lynn
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“Had an overall satisfying stay at Kimporo centre. Everything was well taken care of and I could really focus on recovering and resting. Big thanks to the head nurse Ms Lim who had gone extra mile to help me in my breastfeeding journey and took personal interest in baby and my well-being. Thank you too to all the nurses who had been very helpful and responsive to all my request. The housekeeper Kak Ana who was diligent and accommodative to my special requests and needs. And lastly thanks for Nikkie who was efficient and quick to response during my enquiry. It made my decision making very easy. Many thanks for Bobby too who was very responsive on WhatsApp chat on ad hoc questions during my stay Overall a pleasant experience and it had indeed helped me and my husband prepare ourselves to be parents ❤️”

Donna Yeoh
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“Well, food here are super good Compare with my previous confinement Environment very clean and comfortable Nurses here are quit professional and we’ll train Met a arrogant customer service (But the rest of the team are super nice 👍) Just some complicated over the package But no worries, company quit genuine Everything can discuss, and the boss will accommodate accordingly”

Olivia Sim
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“非常感谢Kimporo全体团队悉心的照顾我和宝宝,让我非常的不舍。出月短短两天就想念在里面的日子了。尤其早晚各一杯的饮料,超好喝🤤很勤劳的Kakak每天打扫😍 还有很专业的护士 让我很放心的把宝宝交给她们照顾。 话说回来,出月子的第二天早上临时收到MySejahtera可以打疫苗了,无助的我临时请她们帮忙她们竟是无收费的替我照顾宝宝半天,太感谢她们了! 虽然还没生二胎的打算,如果有我会毫不犹豫地选择kimporo。 超推荐给大家 🥰”

Anna Hoo
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“第一次感受在月子中心坐月的我,真心推荐给妈妈们这一家kimporo月子中心。这里的设备已包涵全方位月子妈妈需要的服务(有专业产后按摩,理发和专人分析产后身体检查),照顾和注意宝宝细节课程这里全都有。有一天我开始感觉涨奶到刺痛感到顶不住时,经验丰富的护士长ms lim马上帮我安排胸部按摩帮我解决当时难受的问题。而且这里的护士团队和医生Doc Yeoh都很专业与贴心而且他们也会跟进我关于宝宝的成长与健康状况所以我很放心的把宝宝交给他们。也很感谢其他岗位的服务职员Celine,Melissa,Nikki,Mindy,Jasmine,Cambree,他们的友善又亲切的态度让我在这里一点都不感觉陌生。对于28天里每一天6餐的营养月子餐都是经过营养师已计算卡路里,所以让我吃饱后肚子不会感觉负担和不消化。除此6餐以外kimporo也有提供每天一粒的zell-V 羊胎素让我疲惫身体可以恢复更快😊在这里每一天kakak都会来打扫房间,让我长时间呆在房间里都觉得很舒适。更赞的是在这严重疫情期间他们严格的规则和SOP更加让我对kimporo加分就是他们有定时在妈妈房,宝宝房,走廊和进出门口做消毒步骤让我感到在这环境里住的很安心💕Love Kimporo🥰Overall a pleasant experience and it had indeed helped me and my husband prepare ourselves to be parents ❤️”

Latrrice Teoh
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“已经出月子两个月啦!不时还会跟老公说我很想念在kimporo坐月子日子吖!想念那边的食物,被照顾得像女王般,妥妥的。(真没想到我竟然会说出想念坐月子😅,因为听太多传统坐月子的痛苦故事,比如不能洗澡洗头bla bla bla。) 很庆幸我第一胎就选对了月子中心,让我体会到科学坐月的快乐。 每天都会有人负责准备好药草水洗澡,一天营养六餐准时送上、房间定时打扫消毒、每天都会报告bb的状况、泌乳师对哺乳的帮助与指导…… 一切都那么的让我安心养身,身体恢复超快。 朋友都羡慕我说像度假一样😁 对kimporo真的十二分满意,值得推荐⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Sharon Yap
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“I have learned a lot of breastfeed knowledge in Kimporo and have awesome experience in breastfeeding there. There are professional people and experts such as breastfeed consultants, nurse and helpful cleaners who can always help me in my confinement month. The room that I stayed is clean and comfortable. Numbers of activities are provided for me to enjoy such as classes to learn baby caring and massage , breastfeed, baking, etc. There are other services such as post natal ma… See more话说回来,出月子的第二天早上临时收到MySejahtera可以打疫苗了,无助的我临时请她们帮忙她们竟是无收费的替我照顾宝宝半天,太感谢她们了! 虽然还没生二胎的打算,如果有我会毫不犹豫地选择kimporo。 超推荐给大家 🥰”

Vivian Hui Voon
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“匆匆一过就28天,真的有点舍不得☺️由于第一胎的坐月经验不好,第二胎毫不犹豫选择月子中心.经过朋友介绍来到kimporo,第一天进来就觉得是5星级享受☺️这里提供一站式服务,有一群护士团队轮班制的照顾baby,还有哺乳顾问Stephanie的协助教新手妈妈如何正确亲喂baby,kakak每天打扫房间,洗衣服、1天6餐的节奏而且都是采取新鲜食材,还有saloon 和massage,很细心的服务。当然最重要还要谢谢前台jia wen,jing Yee,Nikki,era,你们不厌其烦的满足我们的需求🥰老公也说钱花的很值得,大家都有休息的空间。如果我再怀第三胎,还是会选择kimporo.......如果😆”

Nicky Yun
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“I had a wonderful month of confinement at Kimporo. As a first time mom, everything is new and overwhelming but with the help and of Stephanie, their in-house midwife/lactation consultant, I managed to successfully breastfeed. Our baby had jaundice and I am very glad Kimporo is equipped with a phototherapy machine so we don’t have to go back to the hospital! Also appreciate the help of all Kimporo staff (especially Jing Yi and Jiawen) for making our stay so pleasant. Daily housekeeping, delicious meals with milk-boosting ingredients, and daily herbal baths are things I really appreciate and miss! Also love the activities and educational talks as they help release stress and get us out of the room. After a month in Kimporo, we went home with a healthy baby and as confident parents ☺️很庆幸我第一胎就选对了月子中心,让我体会到科学坐月的快乐。 每天都会有人负责准备好药草水洗澡,一天营养六餐准时送上、房间定时打扫消毒、每天都会报告bb的状况、泌乳师对哺乳的帮助与指导…… 一切都那么的让我安心养身,身体恢复超快。 朋友都羡慕我说像度假一样😁 对kimporo真的十二分满意,值得推荐⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Charlene Chen
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“After comparison on price, services and location, we decided to give Kimporo a try though their charges much higher compare to the other 2 confinement Centers and our consideration on hiring a confinement lady. The key attractions was Day care Service for our 2-year-old toddler, and jaundice check for newborn baby and the sanitize procedure done in their baby room. We took Star-plus package. My labour experience caught me in total surprise and shock. I still remembered I’m full with anxiety and worries, concerns and tired after 24 days running in and out from hospital with my C-Sec and baby’s special condition. I’m thankful that the team showed me their support and understanding and waiting for us to check in after we discharged from hospital. And the 28 days in Kimporo really a great pitstop to get ourselves rejuvenated and move on with greater strength. Now we’re finally home with our baby and the things make me missed Kimporo so much are 1. The well trained nurses who shared our load in doing suction and tube feeding for our baby ❤️ 2. The attentive staffs who just a phone call or WhatsApp away from me 🤣 SERIOUSLY!!!! 3. The 2 Kakak who always make sure food delivered on time, get our laundry done and room cleaning 😂😂😂 I just need to focus on pump milk, rest and bonding with my husband and girls. 4. Additional free/paid services like massage, classes, health checks, doctors visit, photo shooting and saloon too. All done in the same building!!! So much easier and save times. 😁 5. Of course the new friends met there and they made my 28days fun and drepression-free 🥳 We basically like having a 4 weeks vacation because the setting is like hotel concept and not home based. And we have our complimentary Full Moon Party at Ketuhar with close friends just right after MCO lifted. That’s really the best gift we have. Thank you, Kimporo! I’ll be back in 3yrs time if I manage to pregnant again 🤣 By the way, can I get one baby bassinet from you? Hahahahaha my baby Mia miss that so much!!!!”

Nicole Soe Kian Lim
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“I had a pleasant 28 days postnatal stay in Kimporo in May 2020. This luxury confinement centre provides an exquisite experience for my husband and myself - making every milestone in our baby’s development very memorable. Thanks for the upgrade to Gold room, it was really helpful during MCO period so my husband and I had larger space. When I first checked in, my breasts were engorged and painful. Stephanie the midwife helped me with massage and taught me breastfeeding techniques. The nurses are very professional and call our baby by name, made us feel they are loving and caring. The food served by Ketuhar is like 5star class, pleasant to the eyes and palate. As the food is cooked in house, it is always served hot. I feel very comfortable and relaxed during my stay, hence I believe this helps me in my recovery process. Overall my husband and I were pleased with the service and experience in Kimporo. Will definitely recommend to our friends and family!”

LaiLeng Ng
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“After a good 28 days stay at Kimporo and we are finally going home. Big applaud to the team here that took good care of me and the baby's needs around the clock. Thank you to Steph Chan for all the guidance handling breast feeding and sharing the knowledge about handling baby. The nursing team also provided great help taking of the baby while I get my rest here. Also, thank you for upgraded us to the VIP room. My heart felt so warm when we arrived here and the team already was at the lobby with wheelchair waiting to take care of us. The nurses here are very well trained and knowledgeable. That made us feel better having them to take care of the baby. If one is able to go for the 1:2 or 1:1 baby care package would be even better. The room is very spacious. That allow my husband to have this working station setup here and stayed with us for the whole 28 days. Best of all, I could wash my hair here by visiting the salon and also get my massage done here all in the same building. They also provide help to have a nurse with us when we brought our baby to visit the doctor. (Thank you Rin!). Food here is excellent especially the milk boost drinks. Thanks to the nutritious and balance diet I could recover this fast from the surgery. It was 6 meals per day. For breastfeeding moms, we definitely needed all the replenishment. Kakak Juju is by far the most hard working lady I have ever seen. She took care of so many things for us and making sure the place is always clean and tidy. Thank you. Before coming here, me and my husband were nervous new parents. Now we are leaving here with better confidence in ourselves about taking care of the baby. Strongly recommended Kimporo confinement today to new parents / parents. It is worth every single penny!”

Steph Jacksteit
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“Having my first baby at Kimporo make my life not easier when I back to home. Before I back home Miss Lim recommended me to bring baby along to sleep at morning, afternoon and night, so at least when I am back home I know his pattern. Which is really helping me. The classes that they provide for mummy to attend is helpful for new mom like me. Even after you leave Kimporo you still can text them to ask them questions which I think is good. Here would really like to special thanks to Miss Lim (head of nurse) that she treat every baby like hers. 😘😘 Definitely miss the life at Kimporo while you can see baby just call and send them back when you are tired 😜😜 Oh ya still got my consultant Winnie. Her service was good 👍🏻”

Sheer Hwah
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“I had stayed at Kimporo back during June-July 2020. As newly parent, stayed in Kimporo was ease of mind. Here is not only confinement center, but where you can find a childcare center, salon, restaurant, and spa for proper postnatal and breast massage. Moreover, Everything at Kimporo have all been taking care of, from delicious food, housekeeping, and taking a very good care of our baby. Room is clean and spacious. There are many helpful classes for new mommy. Staff and nurses are very friendly and really helpful. Here I also met a lot of good friends who shared a lot of info on how to take care of baby. Thank you to all the nurses for taking a very good care of our baby. Thank you to the 2 kakah. Thank you to the lovely team: Jia Wen, Jing Yi, Nikkie and Mary for making our stay at Kimporo wonderful. Special thanks to Stephanie for all the info about baby and your encouragement on breastfeeding. Very Big thanks to Michelle for everything you have arranged for us 😘 Kimporo is more than a 5 stars confinement center 👍”

KookKik Sawanyaporn
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“As a first time mommy .. I am happy that I’ve chose kimporo as my confinement centre, and would definitely recommend to my friends. My room was clean and comfortable . Also thankfully , I met Pn.Salmiah who taught me how to breastfeed from zero to now. I'm still a fully breastfeed my baby boy even after I’m back at work because of her. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Pn.Salmiah for helping me & guiding me through. Baby is already 5.5 months old. I appreciated the nurses at kimporo, they took care of baby lovingly and professionally. Importantly, I could have good rest when I feel exhausted. There are massage centre & salon in the same building that offers postnatal massage, facial, spa... So convenient! Also thanks to Mary, Jing yee and Shirley for addressing my issues quickly and trying their best to accommodate all my requests.. Another important issue that I was thankful for was during my stay, baby had jaundice, and thank God kimporo had photo therapy machine so that I didn’t have to send baby back to the hospital . I could be with my baby and tend to her when she needed me. A big plus point here is that they are experienced in this and will try to support what mommy wants all the way. It's worth it, I still miss my time with Kimporo so so much... It's priceless to have such wonderful memories & experiences gain with short stay in Kimporo.”

Marcelle Hoo Lai Mei
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“A great thanks to kimporo team for guiding us to go through this journey. Thanks to Stephanie, Jia Wen, jing yee, Nikkie and Era, and the rest of Kimporo team, nurses (especially mas, syuhada, Izzaty, Fatiha, Shahirah, and the whole team actually) and helper Kakak for making our stay so memorable and rejuvenating! With heavy heart today's our last day staying in Kimporo. Kudos to the team👍🥰🥰”

Jane Ng